Seward Family List of Books - By Author

  • South and North

    Author: Abbott, John S. C.
    Imprint: Abbey & Abbot: New York City; 1860

  • Rollo at School

    Author: Abbott, Jacob
    Imprint: Hogan & Thompson: Philadelphia; 1841

  • Journey in Brazil

    Author: Agassiz, Louis and Mrs. Louis Agassiz
    Imprint: Ticknor and Fields: Boston; 1868

  • Purgatory and Paradise

    Author: Alighieri, Dante
    Imprint: Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co.: New York City; unknown

  • Miscellaneous Essays

    Author: Alison, Archibald
    Imprint: Phillips, Sampson, and Company: Boston; 1854

  • History of Europe.

    Author: Alison, Archibald
    Imprint: Harper & Brothers: New York City; 1854

  • Danish Story Book

    Author: Andersen, Hans Christian
    Imprint: C. S. Francis & Co.: New York City; 1848