Seward Family List of Books - By Author

  • National Geography

    Author: Goodrich, Samuel G.
    Imprint: Huntington and Savage: New York City; unknown

  • Woman in America

    Author: Graves, Mrs. A. J.
    Imprint: Harper & Brothers: New York City; 1842

  • History of My Pets

    Author: Greenwood, Grace
    Imprint: Ticknor, Reed and Fields: Boston; 1851

  • Rajas of the Punjab

    Author: Griffin, Lepel H.
    Imprint: Punjab Printing Company, Limited: Lahore, India; 1870

  • Poems

    Author: Griffith, Mattie
    Imprint: D. Appleton & Company: New York City; 1853

  • Diary: 1863-'64-'65

    Author: Gurowski, Adam
    Imprint: W. H. & O. H. Morrison: Washington, DC; 1866

  • New Atmosphere

    Author: Hamilton, Gail
    Imprint: Ticknor and Fields: Boston; 1865