Letter from Benjmain Jennings Seward to William Henry Seward, October 31, 1837

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Letter from Benjmain Jennings Seward to William Henry Seward, October 31, 1837



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Letter from Benjmain Jennings Seward to William Henry Seward, October 31, 1837

action: sent

sender: Benjamin Seward


Name: Benjamin Seward Birth: 1793-08-23 Death: 1841-02-24

location: Westfield NY


Name:  City:  Westfield County:  Chautauqua State:  NY Country:  US

receiver: William Seward


Name: William Seward Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10

location: Auburn NY


Name:  City:  Auburn County:  Cayuga State:  NY Country:  US

transcription: gwg 

revision: crb 2015-11-09

Page 1

Chautauque Land Office
Westfield Oct 31, 1837.
Dear Henry
It was my purpose to have had an inter-
view with Tucker


Name: Chauncey Tucker Birth: 1805-10-05 Death: 1874-04-25
on Saturday last at Fredonia


Name:  City:  Fredonia County:  Chautauqua State:  NY Country:  US

and to have written you from there. He did not
come arrive from N.Y.


Name:  City:  New York County:   State:  NY Country:  US
till bed time & the cer-
tainty of his return induced me to remain & see
him on Monday morning. I did so – & was
so busy after I got home yesterday that I could
not find time to write.
The liabilities of the Lumbermans Bank to
us are nearly eleven thousand dollars: & the
real debtors to this amount, have the Bank
charter between thier own characters & our claims
upon them. The Bank is loaned out to Lowry


Name: Nathaniel Lowry Birth: 1805-10-22 Death: 1852-02-23

& Irvin


Name: Guy Irvine Birth: 1792-12-15 Death: 1868-08-24
– and they cannot pay. Lowry is in
debt all he is worth and more (as I suspect)
and Irvine is sadly involved with him) and
so is Mr. Falconer


Name: Robert Falconer Birth: 1780-12-22 Death: 1851-10-20
. To me it seems more
than probable that the Bank, Falconer, Lowry
& Irvine will all go by the board: – but if it
be so, ^it^ will require some three or five years
to develope it. Much of all this was mistrusted
before seeing Tucker – now strongly expected.
and if the bank & its friends go down, Tucker
will feather his nest by the scattering down.
It is of the utmost importance to us that we
maintain a good understanding with Tucker
and further that we be kindly regarded by the
other parties concerned. And these things are
said to you, both to prepare you for meeting
Page 2

any any of these gentlemen and that you may have
the subject before you for reflection.
A Lumbermans draft due 12 Oct for $ 1,100
was, as ^I^ suppose paid – we do not hear from it.
Another due the 20th is just returned, unpaid,
– for $1730. Tucker informed me that he left Lowry
in N.Y. & understood, from him that he was to
provide for this draft – but – it is unpaid & is
returned without protest, by VanderKemp


Name: John Vanderkemp Birth: 1783-04-22 Death: 1855-12-04
& Van Hall


Name: Peter Van Hall Birth: 1799-12-23 Death: 
Lowry is shortly expected back. Say for this $1730
we have forwarded VanHall, drafts
due as follows – date 11. Sept. due 11 Jan. — 4,232.
date — 29 " — " 29 " — 1090.80
" 5 Oct — " 5 Feb. — 1504.90
" 20 " — " 29 "' — 1,818.
and we have in bills – a draft just asked 430.
For all which we hold Lowry & Irvines guarantee.


Name: Thaddeus Patchin Birth: 1805-05-17 Death: 1892-05-17
(who passed the night with me last week)
has a $20,000 claim on them & feels confident of
payment. Tucker once said to me that he
had $30,000 of first rate paper of theirs on col-
lection – but on sifting around from Falconer &
others & in further conversation with Tucker
at another time, I conclude this was not
exactly so. I tryed to get a lien upon
this resource, but failed because it seemed
to me that it was wanted to make
payment to Patchin.
I suppose that when the Jany payment of
$4232 comes round & his over, it will be in a
good opportunity to urge the demand for
Page 3

security for the whole – & I suppose if we
keep fair weather with the parties concerned
we can attain it. Tucker is influential there
& has high hopes of speculating out of fa-
cilities furnished in our office – & he will help
us. We shall be able to keep this matter straight
I think – but it annoys Van Hall.
Tucker thinks that Shepard


Name: Fitch Shepard Birth: 1802-04-05 Death: 1881-08
has intended to
act in good faith for the Bank – but has
lost $30,000. I believe he does not
wish this mentioned. Shepard it is
said will be home in a few days.
It is satisfactory to T. that we
propose to him & to the Bank to make
any such arrangement as will place
the Lumbermans bills on a footing with the
most favoured of uncurrent bills. He & the
Bank are consulting whether they can
make any arrangement for buying these
funds – & if they do (as I suppose they will
not) – I intend to exact a deposite to meet
the bills they may have to redeem.
I have no arrangement with any bro-
ker for the sale of notes – more will be needed
– few & perhaps none will leave their money
with us to sell. We have lost nothing as yet
by uncurrent money – not a cent – but by ex-
changing, without buying or selling, have up to
this time have kept along. But by an unskil[ l ]


ful move in the office while I was at Buffalo


Name:  City:  Buffalo County:  Erie State:  NY Country:  US

I think it likely we may lose a little – few dollars.
Page 4

The receipts of this month are not made up
but I suppose they will be amount to $7,000.
Your new proposition appears to be received
with favor: settlers consider it a relief &
intelligent friends consider it wise. We shall
be able, I think to get semi annual interest in
many cases. This is husking & ploughing
time & we are seeing fewer settlers. Nearly 1/2
the persons we sued, have failed as yet to make
arrangements to suspend the suits. Very likely
we shall be obliged to sue extensively in the spring.
We are all anxious to hear about the R. Road meeting.
And presently shall be looking for you – your grateful
B. J. Seward.
W. H. Seward Esq


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Name: William Seward Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
B.J. Seward
Oct. 31 1837.
Tuesday, October 31, 1837