Seward Family List of Books - By Place Of Publication

  • My Egotistigraphy

    Author: Harding, Chester
    Imprint: Privately printedPlace of Publication: Cambridge; 1866
    Place of Publication: Cambridge

  • Ohio Valley Farmer

    Author: Various
    Imprint: UnknownPlace of Publication: Cincinnati; 1856-1859
    Place of Publication: Cincinnati

  • Eclectic Medical Journal. Volume IV

    Author: Buchanan, Joseph R. and R. S. Newton
    Imprint: Eclectic Medical InstitutePlace of Publication: Cincinnati; 1852
    Place of Publication: Cincinnati

  • Class-Book of Botany

    Author: Wood, Alphonso
    Imprint: Claremont Manufacturing CompanyPlace of Publication: Claremont, N.H.; 1854
    Place of Publication: Claremont, N.H.