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  • Modern reports; or, Select cases adjudged in the courts of King's Bench, Chancery, Common Pleas, and Exchequer ...

    Author: Leach, Thomas
    Imprint: G. G. J. and J. Robinson: London; 1793-1796
    Extent: 12 volumes
    Subject(s): Law

    Repository: Other
    Notes: Vol. 1, published 1796, has title: Modern reports; or, Select cases ... from the restoration of Charles the Second, to the twenty-eighth year of George the Second ... 5th ed., cor.: with the addition of marginal references and notes, and three hundred and eighty-one cases, by Thomas Leach. "In Leach's edition [of v. 7] the size of this volume is trebled by the addition of new cases from the manuscripts of Wright and Luke Benne, covering the years 1733-1744 ... The volume of [cases] ... is more than doubled in Leach's edition [of v. 9] by the addition of chancery cases (1739-1755) from the manuscripts of Samuel Salte and Charles Butler ... In Leach's edition [of v. 11] large additions are made, of new cases, covering 1718-1730, from the manuscripts of Jonathan Wells. Leach's edition, however omits some of Lutwyche's improvement in the 1781 edition, which are given entire in the Dublin octavo edition."--Soule, Lawyer's ref. manual, 1884. "Modern reports, as originally known, were confined to four folio volumes ... The first appeared in 1682; the second in 1698; the third, in 1700; the fourth, in 1703. In 1711 ... came forth ... a folio, fifth Modern ... In volume now making 6th Modern reports. In 1716, another ... volume, Modern cases, by Thomas Farresley which is now ... 7th Modern reports. In 1730, another book, containing two distinct parts ... Modern cases in law and equity, which ... make ... 8th and 9th Modern reports ... In 1736 was published the Cases temp. Macclesfield, now reappearing as the 10th of Modern reports; in 1737, Reports temp. Queen Anne, now made 11th Modern ... and finally, in 1738, Cases in the King's Bench, temp. King William III. now closing Modern reports."--Wallace, The reporters, 1882. Vols. 5-12 have imprint: London, Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson. Vols. 1-4, 1793; v. 5-6, 1794; v. 7, 11-12, 1796; v. 8-10, 1795.

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